Lisa Franceski is a wildlife photographer from Long Island, New York whose work has graced the front cover of the National Audubon Society Magazine of December 2012, National Audubon Society Annual Report Magazine of 2013 and featured in the National Audubon Magazine in 2017.  This year, she was featured on the Audubon's front page: Lisa Franceski - 2017 Her work been published in the National Geographic Magazine, as well as a Sierra Club of Canada -- an educational book on Piping Plovers.

One of her photographs has been syndicated from a reputable greeting card publishing company based in California, named Palm Press. You can view it here: Palm Press.  A compilation of Lisa's work has also appeared in the first launch of Sigma Vision Magazine representing Sigma Corporation of America. You can browse through by clicking this link: Sigma Vision Magazine

Popular Photography Magazine performed a video interview sponsored by Tamron, which featured Lisa's photography of Shorebirds of Long Island on their PopPhoto website of when she began photography along with her strong interest of shorebirds, particularly endangered species.  You can view her video here: Popular Photography Magazine

Lisa's work is also featured prominently on wildlife rescue websites, reflecting her desire to educate the general public on the plight of endangered wildlife. Through her work, she hopes to be a strong advocate for the preservation of species and dwindling habitat.

“Although I’ve always loved photography, it wasn’t until I graduated to a DSLR and went out to hunt for something to photograph in the wildlife spectrum that I discovered my true passion. My first day out, in the Spring of 2009, I stumbled upon a Piping Plover, who I named "Polly."  Ever since then, each Spring I awaited her return as if no other bird existed.  This is when I discovered the Least Terns, another endangered species of New York State. I was overwhelmed by their beauty and determination to thrive and reproduce -- I could not help myself to want to participate in aiding of their survival.”

Lisa’s work is stunning in its composition and artistry, but what makes her photographs truly unique is the compassion and empathy she brings. Perhaps this is not surprising given her 17 years as a nurse prior to her pursuing photography as a serious endeavor.


Please feel free to browse through Lisa Franceski's flickr account: Lisa Franceski



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